Deluxe Delight

We are very proud to introduce you to our company, and share with you a little of our history, our passion for perfection, and our vision.

We bring to you nearly 100 years of culinary craftsmanship baking the finest Baklava and Mediterranean pastries.  Our Mediterranean heritage has been handed down from generation to generation and when you taste our sweets you will agree the tradition lives on.

Our recipe for success is simple: source the finest ingredients; embrace the craftsmanship of our forefathers and never, ever compromise on our commitment to quality. Take a moment, read our ingredients labels; you can see we craft a few select ingredients into wonderful all natural SweetBite Delights.

We manufacture our products in the most up to date facilities employing artisans who are dedicated to their profession and take pride in their delicious treats.



Baklava and Fine Pastries Since 1919

Love at first bite.

We have taken Mediterranean inspired Baklava and other sweet ethnic desserts and elevated these treats to a new level of taste sensations.  We offer a number of different varieties combining tradition with contemporary American tastes. Our pastries will satisfy the most discerning palettes.  Our merchandising underscores the American love affair with the Mediterranean diet; a pairing that is a recipe for success.

Flakey, crunchy, and simply delicate sweets that are a joy to savor with that morning cup of coffee, after a satisfying meal, or just about any time of the day or evening. Our Mediterranean Sweets will be merchandised in the most appealing packaging that sells quality in an eye appealing presentation.


 A Sweet Invitation

We know words alone just don’t take the place of taste, so we encourage you to take a bite and enjoy our wonderful Baklava and sweets. 

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